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Pick to Light

Ensures maximum speed and productivity when selecting items

Pick to Light

Speed and efficiency in picking



  • These are easy-to-use, intuitive systems which leave the operator’s hands free, have a short learning curve and do not require the use of any additional devices.
  • This Pick to Light series range includes models suitable for all needs. In the most common models the pick position lights up, indicating the quantity required, whilst the operator confirms by simply pressing a button. For processes which require maximum reliability, there are models fitted with sensors which automatically detect whether the item selected is correct, and warn operators of any error.
  • These are particularly applicable to environments with high-end and/or high turnover articles. They are also useful in medium and low turnover environments, where more open solutions can be enabled or combined with radiofrequency systems.
  • Our Pick by Light systems envisage multicolour options throughout the product range. This, along with the easy programming, means applications can be developed with several operators preparing a single order, or a single operator preparing several orders at the same time.




  1. Our solutions are designed to quickly prepare orders and prevent service errors.
  2. Implementing a Pick-to-Light/Put-to-Light system leads to improved productivity and outstanding user acceptance.
  3. In addition, the integration of our systems with the user’s software solution (WMS or ERP) is quick and straightforward.