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Smart Tag

First electronic tag which combines RFID technology with an energy-saving screen. Smart Tag eliminates the need for paper

Smart Tag

Smart Tag First electronic tag which eliminates the need for paper


Smart Tag is the first and only RFID tag fitted with an electronic paper display. This display allows the tag to edit, change and display information dynamically, making it a 100% recyclable tag. At the same time, the RFID NFC (Near Field Communication) standard makes it a highly versatile and flexible tag. NFC allows interaction not only using expensive scanners and industrial antennas but also any cheap device which is fitted with an NFC antenna, such as a smartphone, making the Smart Tag an economical 100%-compatible global solution.

  • The Smart Tag has a very extensive sphere of application: it can be used as a substitute for the barcode tag, as an element to manage internal and external traceability, Kanban solutions, Poka Yoke solutions, etc.
  • It is the key to cloud computing, a change in the concept of logistics which brings incalculable economic savings, improvements and benefits.


  1.  Dynamic tag, upgradeable at any time.
  2.  Removes the need for a printer (ink, paper, etc). Ecological and economical.
  3.  100% real-time traceability.
  4.  Includes a memory which can be accessed at any time to update or query information.
  5.  The key to cloud computing.
  6.  Innovative product, a pioneer in its category.
  7.  Compatible with barcode solutions (QR, EAN, etc).