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SEO Experience Marketing

We Know, Your website & Branding is a valuable asset worth maintaining.

Using a very powerful and user-friendly Content Management System which is perfectly reasonable to expect the same a website that you operate today to be modern, up to date five years from now with a completely different design if need be. That’s why we use WordPress in 80% of new development work. By Industry and Technology standards we know that it is one of the most flexible and powerful website platforms ever.

Multi National Corporations (MNC) & Enterprise Markets (SME / SMI) companies agree with us.

Majority of modern technological websites run on WordPress. Sites such as SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT (a revenue of USD 4.89 billion) CNN (a major news network) THE NEW YORKER MAGAZINE (a subscription based of over 30,000 viewers a day) OFFICIAL STAR WARS BLOG (a huge blog dedicated to Star Wars Fans) use WordPress as a backend engine.

Once a site is in good order, our SEO Packages that we offer are affordable which generally we maintain & market with your company. We apply all our extensive knowledge and team effort in the SEO solutions to updating the site to make sure that it is semantically friendly and that all off-site referrers (Facebook and social media, but also off-site directories, forums and other sources  help increase Google’s policies for your site) are up to date and that words and keywords for each off-site referrer is optimally written to reflect goals for the site.

Working with us means you get :
– The Best Practice Advice & Consultancy
– Facebook Creation & Moderation of Posts
– Scheduled / Planned Postings to Facebook / Twitter / Foursquare / Google Circles
– Daily / Weekly / Monthly SEO Submissions and Consultancy
– Consultancy & Assist with Ad Optimizing for Campaigns on Facebook
– Consultancy & Assist with Google Adwords Campaigns
– Flexible Contract Periods (3 months/ 6 months /1 year)
– Affiliate Consultancy with Local & Global Partners